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ByPhillip Kim

Congress May Pass Immigration Reform Before 2017

President Obama during a recent interview has announced his intention to have Congress pass the immigration reform before 2017. He states that this is one change that he would like to see before the end of his presidency.

President Obama states that the immigration reform has not passed yet because Congress has not come to a consensus to enact the reform. If there continues to be no progress made by Congress to enact the immigration reform then President Obama is considering using a legislative tactic called “discharge petition” to hopefully get it enacted.

The discharge petition process would allow the President to take the immigration reform bill out of the hands of the House of Representative’s leadership committee and bring it directly to the floor for a decision. This process will require an absolute majority from the House of Representatives in support of immigration reform.

The President hopes that with the passage of the immigration reform the 11 million people who are in the US illegally will be able to have a pathway to citizenship in the United States.

ByPhillip Kim

Green Card Application by Same Sex Couple Approved

One of the first same sex marriage green card cases in the central valley was approved.

Phillip Kim Law Center represents same sex couples for their green card cases. One of our same sex cases has been approved recently. According to the interviewing officer from the Fresno USCIS, it is one of the first same sex cases approved by the Fresno USCIS.

Under the recent US Supreme Court decision, same sex couples are entitled to the same immigration benefits as heterosexual couples.

ByPhillip Kim

Tips for Passing the Naturalization Test

Part of the process of becoming a U.S. citizen is passing the naturalization test which will be administered at your naturalization interview. You will be tested on the components English and Civics, although you may be eligible for an exemption or waiver. Be prepared to answer questions about your background and know your application front to back.

At your interview, you will be asked 10 questions out of the prepared list of 100 questions in English, and you must be able to answer six out of the 10 correctly to pass the civics portion of the test. You may be qualified to take the civics test in the language of your choice if you meet specific requirements.

The English part of the test incorporates reading, writing, and speaking. You must be able to write one out of the three sentences correctly, and the USCIS will determine your English proficiency based on your applications.

Repetition, interaction, and practice are keys to performing well on Civics and English. You will be given two chances to take the naturalization test and must be retested within 60 – 90 days of your first examination. To ensure success, it is important to familiarize yourself with the test and prepare with a qualified immigration attorney.