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According to Immigration Attorney Phillip Kim, whether you and your family members have recently received your green cards or whether you have lived in the U.S. for several years, it’s always a good idea to seek competent legal advice before you apply for your U.S. citizenship. Even if you believe you can figure out the application procedures on your own, immigration attorney says, it doesn’t hurt to consult with a professional to confirm your understanding of the facts.

It’s Easy to Get the Facts

Everyone you know who has gone through it will tell you that naturalization is a complex process. Immigration Attorney says that it often takes a long time and the application fees can be expensive. Browse the Department of Homeland Security website under U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to understand the application process before your first meeting with an immigration attorney.

Why You Need Professional Advice from an immigration attorney

By engaging an immigration attorney who is a specialist in naturalization law, you get the benefit of a practitioner who is conversant with current law and who can advise you with respect to your individual situation. After a preliminary meeting, immigration attorney says taht they will be able to give you an idea of what, if any, document formalities relating to your family and work may be needed in order to file your application.

Navigating the Process

When applying for naturalization, the advice of a professional is critical. Once your application has been submitted, your legal representative can track your application as it works its way through the process. They also can respond directly to technical inquiries from the USCIS in the event there is a query regarding your application, saving you the worry of responding if your contact address has changed or if you are traveling.

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