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There are two major benefits of using an immigration lawyer Phillip Kim to obtain your green card: reduced stress and an increased possibility for success. The process seems straightforward consisting of a series of online forms to be filed according to prescribed deadlines from immigration lawyer, Phillip Kim.

However, the process is actually very complicated and the law is constantly changing according to immigration lawyer. Applications submitted by immigration lawyer are accepted online only; therefore, applicants through immigration lawyer must have Internet access and be computer literate. Successful applicants must spend significant time researching the law and learning the process with immigration lawyer. There are many opportunities for things to go wrong without an immigration lawyer.

From the beginning of the process, every filing determines the deadline for the next filing by an immigration lawyer. If a form is submitted with incorrect or incomplete information, it is rejected. By the time the notification is received without the help of an immigration lawyer, there may not be enough time to re-file and meet the deadline by an immigration lawyer. A missed deadline could require the process be re-started from the beginning. It is critical to hire an immigratin lawyer.

In this process, the clock is always ticking. Enough time wasted restarting could eventually result in deportation without an immigration lawyer’s help. Deportation for any reason makes re-entry much more difficult.

According to Immigration Lawyer Phillip Kim, even if you feel equal to the task of learning exactly what/when/where to file, there is no set schedule. Immigraiton Lawyer Phillip Kim says that there are quotas for each country and, based on how many people from your home country have filed before you, your hearing may come up at any time. If you are working, have young children or attend school, how difficult will it be for you to be there? How comfortable will you be representing yourself without an immigration lawyer’s help?

Employing the services of an Immigraiton Lawyer who deals with these issues every day will allow you to go on with your life in the meantime. Hiring an immigration lawyer will help you avoid all the frustration and worry while increasing your chances of successfully gaining the legal status you seek without an immigration lawyer.

Who is a Permanent Resident? By Immigration Lawyer Phillip Kim

A permanent resident is someone who has been granted authorization to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis.
As proof of that status, Immigration Lawyer explains, a person is granted a permanent resident card, (commonly called a “green card”).

According to immigratin lawyer Phillip Kim, you can become a permanent resident several different ways. Most individuals are sponsored by a family member or employer in the United States.
Other individuals may become permanent residents through refugee or asylee status or other humanitarian programs.
In some cases, you may be eligible to file for yourself, says immigration lawyer.

The steps to become a permanent resident are different, immigration lawyer explains, for each category and will depend on if you are currently living inside or outside the United States.
The main categories are listed below. For more information, please call (619) 752-5379.

Green Card Through Family (by Immigration Lawyer)
How to apply for permanent residence when a family member petitions for you. This is a very common way of applying for a green card.
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Green Card Through a Job (by Immigration Lawyer)
How to apply for permanent residence based on a job offer or employment with the help of immigration lawyer.

Green Card Through Refugee or Asylum Status (by Immigration Lawyer)
How to apply for permanent residence when you have been granted refugee or asylum status with immigration lawyer’s help.

Other Ways to Get a Green Card (by Immigration Lawyer)
Learn about the many other ways that you may qualify for permanent residence
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Green Card Eligibility
Learn who can apply for permanent residence by calling immigration lawyer.

Adjustment of Status
Learn about the multi-step process for individuals inside the United States that want to get a green card.
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Consular Processing
Learn from immigration lawyer about the multi-step process for individuals outside the United States that want to get a green card

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