New Immigration Law

*** How President Obama’s New Immigration Law could benefit you and your family ***

The Obama Administration’s latest new immigration law could benefit many immigrants.

Effective June 15th, 2012, President Obama’s new immigration law will do two things for young immigrants: prevent deportation and grant work permits.

The Obama Administration decided it was time to address the needs of thousands of struggling, young immigrants. Many of these immigrants were brought the United States at a young age and have significant ties to this country – some have lived here since they were children and only speak English. The new law is meant to provide these immigrants with a solution that would prevent them from being deported and would also allow them to work legally in the U.S.

The law is tailored for immigrants who are currently under the age of 30. The immigrant must prove that he is not a threat to the country. Good moral character will also be taken into account. This means that if the immigrant has a history of crime or criminal offenses, he may be denied under this new law.

The new law is meant for young immigrants who came to the U.S. under the age of 16. As minors, these immigrants had no choice in coming to this country. Now that they are here, they should be allowed to stay and get work legally.

Finally, the last requirements under this law are that the immigrant is currently in school or has graduated from high school. If you have received some form of a G.E.D., then that would be acceptable as well. You must also have been living in the U.S. since 2007. If you left at any time within the past 5 years or are currently NOT in the U.S., then you might not be eligible to apply under this law.

Even though you meet these minimum requirements, you may not be eligible for the benefits of this new law. For example, documents must be submitted as proof or evidence that you meet the requirements. If you fail to provide the government with proper documents, your case may be denied.

Furthermore, there may be more requirements for specific cases. A certain criminal offense might still mean that you are eligible for some protection under this law, while other offenses will bar you from benefits altogether.

For these reasons, it is important to discuss your options with a specialized immigration lawyer. Contact Attorney Phillip Kim for more information about Obama’s new law and how it will affect you.

*** President Obama’s New Immigration Law on Unlawful Presence and 601 Waiver ***
President Obama proposed a new rule last week that would allow certain illegal immigrants with U.S. citizen spouses or parents to stay here while they apply for hardship waivers, the first step for many before they can submit applications for legal residency. Without waivers, illegal immigrants can be barred from reentering the U.S. for up to 10 years.

For many years, people with immigration issues have been hoping to see an immigration law reform or any type of new immigration law benefiting immigrants. Presidents in the past and current president Obama have been dealing with numerous immigration issues, new immigration policies, immigration reform or new immigration law that would affect many immigrants’ lives. President Obama finally came up with a proposal that attracted the attention of many immigrants waiting for a new immigration law and new immigration reform. It would be interesting to see when and how president Obama’s new immigration law will be implemented if it will ever be.

Under the current rule, those who seek waivers have to go to their native countries and wait for the applications to be processed by U.S. officials, which could take months or years.

The proposed rule — even though it could affect tens of thousands of immigrants — is limited. It doesn’t change the fact that to get waiver, families must prove that deportation would cause extreme hardship to the U.S. relative. And if they succeed in getting waivers, the immigrants still would have to return to their native countries to apply for green cards.

It’s uncertain how long it would take an individual to get a green card. But some attorneys say that with a hardship waiver, the waiting period could just be a few weeks.

The proposal angered Republicans, who accused Obama of bypassing Congress and passing a “back-door amnesty” through this and other recent changes.

Victoria, a U.S. citizen who lives in East Los Angeles, said she had hoped to marry her boyfriend of six years and petition for him to become a legal resident. But after an attorney told them that he would have to return to El Salvador to apply for the waiver and could get stuck there for 10 years, they decided to postpone a wedding and continue living together in California.

Under the new proposal, many immigrants might not have to leave the US while their waiver is being processed, which means that they can stay with their family in the US while their case is being processed.

Many people who have been waiting for a new law in immigration, new immigration reform and new immigration law are cautiously expecting this new proposal to become a new immigration policy or new immigration law anytime soon.

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